DT SWISS Wheel PRC 1400 Spline DB 35 700c Rear

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The ultimate racing wheelset made of carbon for the mountains, a few hills or in the flat.

Unsure what will happen on your group ride? Mountains, hills or flat sections? Water from below, water from above? You needn’t worry, the PRC 1400 SPLINE has it covered. high-end, bladed straightpull spokes and the most reliable and light-weight freewheel system make for an efficient ride. Offering the perfect blend of comfort, grip and lightweight in combination with a higher volume tire, the wide and stiff full carbon rims accelerate with the best of them. Equipped with disc brakes it will stop on a dime all the time. So the PRC 1400 SPLINE is ready for anything, are you?

Fälgtyp Carbon clincher
Fälgmaterial Carbon
Bromsyta Disc brake
Fälgdjup 34 mm
Fälgbredd Inside: 18 mm
Ekermönster Two-cross (1:1)
Ekertyp DT aero comp® Straightpull
Nippeltyp DT Pro Lock hidden aluminum
Baknav DT 240, stainless steel bearings, ratchet system
Tillbehör Light aluminium body. Incl. tubeless tape, tubeless valve, valve guard, IS 6-bolt adapter, 5 mm end cap kit, max system weight 110 kg
Vikt 794 g

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