PTN Pepi’s Tire Noodle 29″ R-Evolution

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R-Evolution, the Revolution of the Evolution! A revolutionary insert developed with the help of the best mountain bikers in the world.


A light and unique structure of this kind, optimizes the operation of tubeless systems, increasing the precision of driving, saves the rims, allows driving even in runflat. Discover all the advantages under the details. The package includes: 2 PTN R-Evolution, 2 Ultralight LUFTY valves, multi-purpose fabric bag, stickers for the frame and rims, description. See below: Table of measures to check what size you need!

Tire measures:

  • S (29×2.00-2.25″)
  • S/M (29×2.20-2.40″)
  • M/L (29×2.30-2.80″)

External rim width:

  • S (25-29mm)
  • S/M (29-35mm)
  • M/L (30-46mm)

PTN weight:

  • S (from 65g)
  • S/M (from 75g)
  • M7L (from 109g)

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